Deploy PHP website with PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013 in Microsoft Azure Websites

If you want to work with PHP in Visual Studio there is an extension called PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013 (comercial extension), which provides templates for the IDE:

PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2013 templates

In this way we allow PHP developers can benefit from the same environment and features that enhance the experience with Microsoft Azure.

However, when we’re working with these types of projects we don’t have the same wizard for uploading to cloud our solution as with NET projects:

Publish PHP Web

To retrieve the parameters required for Microsoft Azure Websites, We just need to access to the website’s DASHBOARD and copy from quick glance:

quick glance FTP info

The only value that doesn’t appear in this section is the directory (Site path) on which we do the deployment to work properly. We can see that the directory name is /site/wwwroot, using a FTP client.

Publish PHP Web filled

Moreover, we must ensure that our website has enabled the correct version of PHP in the CONFIGURE section -> General -> PHP Version:

PHP version

I hope this helps.

Happy clouding!