Microsoft Azure Websites: Publish as Azure WebJob

A few hours ago, it has been released Azure SDK 2.4 for NET. One of the new features is the improvement of creating Web Jobs for Microsoft Azure Websites.

From now on, you just need to create a console application and use the action Publish as Azure WebJob, using the right mouse button on the project:

Publish as Azure WebJob

Through this action we get the following dialog box, where you can configure the WebJob without having to access the Azure portal:

Add Azure WebJob

If you ever need to modify the configuration WebJob, you can make it through the JSON file generated by the previous wizard:

webjob publish settings json

After setting the parameters under which the WebJob will be executed, we must select the website you want to associate:

Publish Web

When the publication of the WebJob finished, we can check its condition in the section WebJobs website:

gis webjobs

Hope this helps.

Happy clouding!