Multiple applications on Microsoft Azure Websites

When we’re working with web applications, we find on several occasions the need to accommodate more than one site under the same domain and using also the same servers where other applications are hosted. In this post I’d like to show how this scenario can be deployed within Microsoft Azure Websites.

Virtual Applications and Directories section

At the bottom of the CONFIGURE section of Azure Websites, we have a section called Virtual Directories and Applications, where you can define applications and virtual directories that will be deployed on the site:

Virtual Applications and Directories

In the first example, /app2 is part of the main URL and sitewwwrootapp2 is the directory where the content is. You can also add virtual directories, just unchecking the Application option.
Once defined, we can use the directory as follows:

gisweb Web2

Note: Today, all applications use the same Application Pool.

Hope this helps.

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