Deploy Java web applications on Microsoft Azure Web sites

For some time, Microsoft Azure Web sites service allows us to quickly deploy a web application in other non .NET languages ​​like PHP, Python and Java. The truth is that the configuration cannot be simpler than a button for each of the cases:

Azure Web sites languages

I don’t usually develop in Java so I was looking for the most fancy way to deploy a web site from Eclipse to Microsoft Azure Web sites, as the plugin that we have available today is more related with Cloud Services. Through the option Export -> WAR file you get a WAR file with your entire application with just one click:

Eclipse Export WAR file

Today for Java you can choose between Tomcat or Jetty servers to host your application on the Web sites service. Therefore, I selected the first one as a server for my application to be optimized for that particular version:

WAR Export

The last step after creating a web site on the platform (New -> Web site -> Quick Create) is to enable Java and choose Tomcat server:

Web site configuration Tomcat

To upload the WAR file generated above, simply connect to the website via FTP (using the configuration shown in the Quick Glance – Dashboard section) and placing the new file in /site/wwwroot/webapps for deployment.

Hope this helps.