Microsoft Azure Media Services: allowed ip addresses streaming

One of the features in Azure Media Services is the ability to limit the access by IP clients to the content managed by the account. This can be useful for corporate videos, when we sell the content to other companies, and so on.

For this example, I created one second origin called ip-restricted through the ADD button (ORIGINS section). Like I said in the introduction of Azure Media Services, origins can have different settings for the same account, in terms of units reserved for streaming on demand, restricting IPs, cache, etc. In the CONFIGURE section, we have a box called allowed ip addresses streaming, which is empty by default, allowing access to any IP. You can add the IPs from which allow to use the content and save the changes.

streaming allowed ip addresses

Make sure that the new origin is not stopped (It’s the default state when a new one is created). For starting it, just click on the START button on the bottom menu.

If you access the CONTENT section of your Media Services Azure account, we see that we have a new URL for each of the items we have published.

2 publish URLs

We use the URL of the new origin and check that we cannot access from a different IP to the ones we have established.

Hope this helps.

Happy streaming!